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DaiAwen staring off into the distance contemplatively and fabulously


DaiAwen's Headshot: They're looking into the camera with a twinkle in their eye

DaiAwen is a Trans Non-Binary Intimacy Professional, Filmmaker, Facilitator, Coach and Educator from the bardic lands of Cymru (Wales). They are currently based in New York City. They dream of a world led by consent and self-love. As we honour and embody our own stories and trust the autonomy of others, we create space for the vast, beautiful multiplicity of the human experience.


Their art embodies their queerness, explores the magic of mythology, and questions the “truths" we cling to. They see art as reflections, critiques, acknowledgements of the world we know, and portals to the ones we hope to see.

Their films have garnered awards and gone to festivals such as BFI Film Festival (London), REC Film Festival (Berlin), and FEST (Portugal).

DaiAwen is a certified Intimacy professional through Intimacy Directors and Coordinators. They love the vulnerable authenticity that storytelling through intimacy offers and are proud to help create choreography that respects the performers and heightens the narrative being told. Their Intimacy Coordinator credits include AMC’s American Horror Story and Burn by Jose Valesquez. Intimacy Director credits include Angels in America (Redhouse Art Centre) and Cabaret (LeMoyne College).

As a facilitator they work at OutSmart NYC, a company committed to fostering consent culture in nightlife, and DaiAwen works freelance leading workshops for Trans people and educating others on how to celebrate, respect, and create space for us.


DaiAwen is also a Gender & Transition Coach, supporting people through the often daunting task of navigating gender, dysphoria, or even being an ally in a binary world that isn't ready to accept let alone respect the unique and gorgeous ways we can be!

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